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JAMES COMEY’S Long-Standing and Suspicious Clinton-Connection

On Tuesday FBI director James Comey announced that despite the “extreme negligence” of Hillary Clinton” and her staff in the handling of classified information, he would not recommend charges be brought.

This is Mrs. Clinton’s second time in very recent history she’s been asleep at the wheel, caught with her pants down. That’s right: Hillary this time, not Bill.

Over 600 times more security was called for in Benghazi and was ignored. After the attack it was more important to push a false story about a video on the American public. Why? Because it made the attack look spontaneous, therefore Hillary couldn’t possibly have any knowledge of the lax security issue and never be blamed. It is after all Hill’s turn to be Commander in Chief.

Fast forward a bit to the email scandal. During the hearings with director Comey, a few of the Dems, like Elijah Cummings, questioned not Hillary’s ineptitude, but why the American people would be at all curious about Hillary’s email problem, suggesting perhaps we had too much time on our hands. I’d say given Obama’s economic recovery he may have a point.

The Republicans also suffered criticism during the questioning, being accused of playing politics or conducting a witch hunt.

I say both statements are true. First, it is politics, since most Americans want to know for sure that Russia, China and N. Korea received nothing more than a how-to on “downward dog”. And second, it’s also a witch hunt; well no explanation is really necessary.

Cummings also implied that the questioning of Clinton will have a chilling effect because someone like Hillary, with her impeccable credentials, could be brought in front of the FBI and her integrity questioned. Chilling effect?? Cummings scares me when he implies the American people don’t deserve an explanation about something that was so clearly a nose-thumbing at the law. Which is all Hillary has ever been good at.

Now Republicans are saying her security clearance should be taken away. Why? If she becomes president she’ll just pardon herself.

And Bill Clinton’s “running” into Loretta Lynch at the airport was to me nothing more than a red herring. It makes no sense at all. Why would Bill want to hurt Hillary’s chances of becoming president? Besides the Clintons never do anything that doesn’t benefit them.

I believe he told Lynch to support whatever decision Comey made. I think Clinton knew that Comey was going to give Hillary a pass and promised Lynch a job in the new administration if she played ball. Bill had nothing to fear doing this, but we might if he’s chosen as V.P.

But let’s be realistic for a moment and understand that after all these years of Clinton corruption and skirting of the truth they could not have gotten this far on their own, they had to have help.

I think we should start by taking a look at director Comey and his long history with the Clintons and members of the Obama administration.

First, remember Sandy Berger? He was under investigation for stuffing secret material out of the National Archives in his socks?? It was speculated the material removed was damaging to the Clintons. Berger received a fine and community service as his sentence. The investigator in the case stated that, “It’s against the law for anyone to intentionally mishandle classified documents either by taking it to give to somebody else or by mishandling it in a way that is outside the government regulations.”

The investigator in this case, James Comey.

And then there was Scooter Libby. Valerie Plame’s name was leaked in a Washington Post article as a CIA agent and Comey appointed himself acting attorney general in order to investigate. Valerie Plame and her husband Joe Wilson are not only major Clinton supporters but Hillary may have given the nod to several companies to benefit Joe’s business ventures.

Comey nominated Patrick Fitzgerald as special counsel in the case, who was less than above board or ethical in the investigation.

Libby was sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison for making false statements to federal officers and perjury; sound familiar? Now we know why Comey appointed someone else to investigate.

It’s important to note that Berger, Lynch and Cheryl Mills all worked as partners in the firm that prepared the Clinton’s tax returns; and Lynch and Comey both investigated the HSBC bank scandal.

There is no evidence that these people were helping the Clintons, but just look where they are now. They’re tentacles of the same poisonous octopus.

photo credit: 20081012_JRB_Scranton-1-4 via photopin (license)

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Noreen O'Brien

Noreen O'Brien is a college grad. with a degree in psychology. Noreen worked for years with troubled teens and their families until the revolving door of liberalism made success for these families impossible. She grew up on cape cod Ma., Sweden, France and England and now makes Maine her home.

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