Will November 8, 2016 Spell the Beginning of a New American Revolution?

Published on July 11, 2016

by Dan Perkins
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

As I sat and watched the returns from the British election something struck me, so I closed my eyes and just listen to the discussion. I was greatly surprised at the words used to describe what was going on in Britain, as they were very similar to the words that I heard on American TV recently. What happened in Britain is a revolt, a rejection of the elite class and the Government rulers by the middle class. The very same things are happening here in the United States, Americans are rejecting the government leaders and the politicians who have, for many years, made promises that they never kept.

As was pointed out in the analysis of the returns, the middle class turned out in greater numbers across the country. The middle class is much larger than the elite class so the elite were overpowered by the shear number of middle class voters. The middle class, for a number of years, has told the elite and the government that they wanted things to change and the politicians ran for office on the idea of trying to bring about change for the people, but when they got in office they ignored the middle class needs, wants, and desires and did what they wanted to do with total disregard for the needs of the people.

The economy, jobs, safety, and immigration were the key issues that caused the greater turnout from the middle class than the elite class. I find it amazing that 72% of eligible voters voted in this election in Britain and in our last presidential election 57.5% of American eligible voters voted. Perhaps the anger and frustration by Americans will see a greater voter turnout this November.

Before the vote, there were rumblings about the possibility that if Britain were to exit, then there could be votes in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France causing a cascading exit of the EU and its eventual collapse. Europe has experienced a more protracted economic malaise than what we have experienced in the United States. The flood of immigrants has placed an enormous pressure on services like healthcare, housing, food, and education. The resource pot has to be deluded in order to provide some level of benefits for all the needy people. That means that citizens of countries who have been hurt by the economic downturn are sharing resources with the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of refugees coming into the EU and in turn getting less benefits for themselves.

Those people who objected to the depletion of resources to take care of the immigrants, in lieu of their own people were sometimes being called racist both in England and the United States. The idea of a non-elected central government, a bureaucracy if you would, dictating laws, rules, and regulations to the individual members of the EU has never been well received. Many in Britain feel that the Central Government in Brussels was slowly eroding their identity as a nation. The unelected Central Government was taking away their freedom. The combination of pressure from immigrants and the Central Government to change the culture of many of the EU nations has left many Europeans wondering if they are losing their country, their heritage, and their culture. Now, with Britain leaving the EU, expect more EU members will want to leave.

One of the most important points about what’s happening in the American election is that many of the same issues that were in play in Britain are in play here. In the fall election, Americans will have an opportunity to decide the survival of this once great nation or take it down a path that leads to diminished individual freedom and a larger more intrusive government. Is it possible that a concept of “Make America Great Again” can cause the Second Great American Revolution? Will historians someday in the future look back at this time and say this was the time that America went back to its Founding Fathers and embraced the Constitution and made all Americans proud to be an American.

Dan Perkins is a current events commentator who writes for the hill.com, the daily surge.com, Reaganbaby.com, and clashdaily.com. He is the author of the trilogy about radical Islamic nuclear terrorism against the United States called The Brotherhood of the Red Nile. He can be heard live on W4CY radio.com Tuesday evenings at 8 PM eastern.

photo credit: Liberty Bell via photopin (license);Stefan Ogrisek

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