LMAO: Bernie Fans LEAVE Convention, So Pathetic DNC Is Reduced To THIS!

Published on July 28, 2016

The DNC is getting more pathetic with each passing day. After a tough split within the party over Bernie and Hillary, the DNC has never looked emptier. These videos reveal exactly what they are doing to make up for the empty seas of the Bernie supporters.

A Bernie Sanders delegate says that the DNC is replacing Bernie supporters with paid seat fillers in order to create a fake image of “unity” as the convention goes into its final day.

In the clip, the delegate says that he got to the convention between 5-6pm and the place was virtually empty but that it suspiciously filled up very quickly.

“Every seat in the house is full – so those seat fillers you guys were hearing about? It’s real, they’re in here now,” states the delegate.

He went on to explain how the seat fillers were people he did not know and hadn’t seen at the convention previously.

The man goes on to note how the arrival of the seat fillers coincided with the media narrative that the DNC is now far more unified than when it began and how everyone is applauding and cheering in unity.

“It’s because the Bernie people aren’t here and the people that are here are getting paid to sit in their seats and clap their hands,” he adds, noting that attendees are also being blocked from getting back in if they leave their seat at any point – even to just go to the bathroom.

In another video, a man interviewed by a Bernie delegate admits to being a seat filler for the DNC.

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