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WATCH: Bro Says ‘No’ To Panhandling THUGS, Check Out What They Did To Him

What would you have done if these panhandling thugs decided to do this to your car when you refused to give them money? This is exactly why every person should carry a weapon and be trained on how to properly use it.

HOUSTON — Mike Markiewicz had one heck of a start to the week.

“It was just so absurd I didn’t even know how to react. It was a circus,” he said.

And it all played out on Monday morning at the Shipley’s on Gessner and Westheimer where he was going to get some donuts and apple fritter.

But a $1.39 trip ended up costing him $300, because of two dudes.

They approached Mike and his business partner asking for money, both of them said no. That apparently set the panhandlers off.

“He said, ‘Is that your car,’ and then he got on the hood of my car,” Markiewicz said.

While other customers started calling 911 Mike told the panhandlers the police had been called. “They picked up a bunch of rocks and started throwing them at us, and then he came out at me with a knife and he started running at me and I turned around to start to run a little bit away from him; then his friend picked up a brick and hit me in the back with it.”

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