QUESTION: Should We Kill Terrorists TWO At A Time Or CRUSH Their Cities?

Published on July 2, 2016

Do you think that we need to take out time killing terrorists or do you think that we just need to wipe them out?

Ralph Peters believes there is only one way to win the war against radical Islam — and that’s to fight it without political correctness. Check this out…

Winning the battle against ISIS has been made more difficult by the U.S. military being overtaken by political correctness, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said on “America’s Newsroom” today.

“Warfare is about death and destruction,” Peters said. “It’s not about good table manners.”

“Convert every one of those slots to a combat infantryman,” Peters said. “You need trigger-pullers.”

In the fight against ISIS, he said it’s important to go after them wherever they are, including in urban areas.

“Civilians will die. You cannot make clean war,” Peters said. “You kill the enemy, and you leave. And if later, you have to go back and kill them some more, you do that.”

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Obama just announced the civilian deaths that have occurred as a result of the airstrikes on ISIS:

The Obama administration said Friday that between as many as 116 civilians have been killed by drone and other U.S. strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Africa since President Barack Obama took office in 2009.

But the administration’s first such public assessment put the civilian death toll from these strikes, which it said could be as low as 64 deaths, significantly below estimates by various human rights groups.These range as high as 1,100 killed.

The report does not include civilian deaths by drones in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, where U.S. forces have conducted thousands of air attacks.

The White House says that’s because the military conducts those strikes and it has its own reporting system. The report today covers non-military strikes.

Seeking to create a precedent for his successor, Obama also signed an executive order today that details U.S. policies to limit civilian casualties and makes protecting civilians a central element in U.S. military operations planning.

The order requires an annual release of casualty estimates. It says the government should include ‘credible reporting’ by non-government groups when it reviews strikes to determine if civilians were killed.

The executive order will ensure that the counterterrorism strategy Obama has put in place continues to be transparent and durable in the future, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

‘The president believes our counterterrorism strategy is more effective and has more credibility when we’re as transparent as possible,’ Earnest said. ‘There are obviously limitations to transparency when it comes to matters as sensitive as this.’

But the directive won’t necessarily be binding on the next president, who could change the policy with an executive order of his or her own.

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