SARAH PALIN Nut Crushes #NeverTrump Dandies In This EPIC Rant

Published on July 2, 2016

Sarah Palin just ripped a new one to the Trump haters during her speech in Colorado at the Western Conservative Summit. Do you love this? Or do you disagree with her?

Sarah Palin channeled former President Bush after 9/11 at a speech at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on Friday, except the former Alaska governor was talking about an entirely different problem than the fight against radical Islam when she said “you’re either with us or you’re against us.”

The problem? The refusal of certain Republicans to come around to the political reality that is Donald Trump.

Calling the #NeverTrump crowed “threatened,” Palin said, “That gang, they call themselves Never hashtag, whatever, I just call ‘em Republicans Against Trump, or RAT for short.”

In answering the question of why Trump is winning, Palin quipped, “And you know it was really funny, to me, the ‘splodey heads keep ‘sploding over this movement because it seems so obvious. [Colorado Republican Senate candidate] Darryl [Glenn] wins, Trump wins, America will win because voters are so sick and tired of being betrayed. Politicians campaign one way and they govern another and that’s become the status quo.”

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