WOW: Guess How Much LESS Ivanka’s Dress Cost vs. Hillary’s Dr. Evil Jacket?

Published on July 22, 2016

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Ivanka Trump just proved that she is more relatable to the average American than Hillary ever could be. Only look at how much money the dress that she wore at the RNC costs, compared to the European potato sacks that Hillary likes to wear.

Ivanka Trump doesn’t need a $2,000 designer dress to make an impact.

The model entrepreneur introduced her father on the last night of the Republican Convention in Cleveland not in a high-fashion frock, but in a mass-market $158 dress from her own label, according to Women’s Wear Daily. It may not have been the chicest choice — the bold red outfit she sported earlier in the day made more of an impact — but it was a smart one.

Ivanka’s basic, not-entirely-fitted bandage dress speaks not of her style aptitude but of her business savvy, her smarts, her capability as an adviser to her father and also her wealth — she owns her own company. Yet it also makes her more relatable. Unlike Michelle Obama, designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Maria Cornejo aren’t throwing stuff her way.

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Compare that to Hillary:

Hillary Clinton’s New York primary victory speech in April focused on topics including income inequality, job creation and helping people secure their retirement. It was a clear attempt to position herself as an everywoman.

But an everywoman she is not — she gave the speech in a $12,495 Giorgio Armani tweed jacket.

The polished outfit was a stark contrast to the fashion choices Clinton has made in the past. As first lady, Clinton wore frumpy pastel skirtsuits. As New York senator and secretary of state, she attempted a more serious look, wearing pantsuits in a rainbow of colors — so mocked that they sparked memes. In comparison to Michelle Obama, who’s become known as a style icon during her time in the White House and appeared on the cover of Vogue twice, Clinton has never been able to nail down a personal aesthetic that works for her.

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