Hear an impassioned plea by a black youth who feels burned and abandoned by Obama. Under him, “we’ve ALREADY lost EVERYTHING.”

Remembrer Obama’s “If I had a son…” comment? Well, here is a FAR better example to point to than the OTHER guy. One problem. This kid is giving Obama HELL!

This kid is amazing. Articulate. Passionate. Informed. And he has a message for America. Not just black America. His name is CJ Pearson.

Here are some of the things he touched on:

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“Kids like me have been on the losing end of this administration for far too long.”

Afer 8 years of Obama’s “Hope & Change”:

— 4/10 black boys and girls live in poverty

— Less black people own homes than any other race

— Black unemployment rate is about 14 percent while the overall unemployment rate is 5

— “Kids that look like me” have a 50% unemployment rate

— Obama refuses do deal with the issues at home, but would rather nation-build

Bottom line: “President Obama DOES NOT CARE.”

He has a special request for black mothers fathers and grandparents who vote Democrat by default:

“If you’re not going to do better for yourself. Do better for a kid like me.”

Share if knowing there are youth like this out there gives you hope for a decent future.


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