BREAKING: 70 Dead in Hospital Terrorist Attack

Published on August 8, 2016

For anyone who’s become numb to the attacks, and was ready to accept this as the new normal..?

(CNN)Hours after a prominent lawyer was gunned down in Pakistan, more than 70 people were killed in a bombing at the hospital where his body was taken.

The explosion at a hospital in Quetta on Monday also injured 112 others, said Rehmat Baloch, the health minister of Balochistan province in the western part of the country.
Many of those killed in the blast were believed to be lawyers and journalists who had gathered at the hospital to mourn and report on the death of lawyer Bilal Kasi, who had been gunned down earlier in the day.
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We are not facing a group that cares about the rules of war. They care only for carnage. They delight in death. Even their own means little to them in some instances.

Pakistan is a Muslim nation. Many of the victims were undoubtedly Muslim. Islamists don’t care. They are only interested in rivers of blood.

Crushing Islamism is NOT Islamophobic.

It’s time Muslim nations (if they are as moderate as they claim) recognize the threat and join the effort in earnest to root out this cancer.

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