Published on August 8, 2016

Social Justice Warriors Rejoice! Australia is killing free speech in the name of “tolerance”!

Watch the news at night. What is the number one problem that needs urgent solving? Is it International trade issues? Peace in a world with rogue nations outsourcing violence? Some *other* problem?

Fear not, Australia’s Left has it all figured out. And “better still,” they’ve brought in legislation to solve the problem.

Both Labor and Liberal supported the move put by the Greens Shane Rattenbury, who said the display of hatred, intolerance and offensive behaviour towards Muslims was one of the biggest intolerance issues in Australia today.
Source: Brisbane Times

Ok. Got that? They’ve already dealt with the BIG issue of disarming Australians. Now they’re acting EXACTLY how Second Amendment defenders would have predicted.

“The Second Amendment protects the First,” do you remember hearing people saying that? Well, right on cue, the Australian government moved on to outlawing speech.

Vilification on the grounds of religion is now illegal and in serious cases could result in a criminal conviction with a fine of up to $7500, under laws passed by the ACT parliament on Thursday.

Maybe, just maybe, the public would be just as jaded to any OTHER group or religion whose catchphrase was synonymous with the hijacking of planes, suicide bombers, or, more recently the murder of random civilians with trucks or knives.

No word yet if it will be considered “Islamophobic” for one Muslim sect to denounce or murder the other in Australia, or whether it would trigger the $7500 fine.

Most likely, no Muslim will EVER be prosecuted under this law.

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