BREAKING: The Identity of ‘MILITARY MOM’ Who Demanded Pence Disown Trump Is EXPOSED

Published on August 4, 2016

That military mom that called out Pence? Turns out the Networks were leaving out a KEY part of the story.

Video hit the internet when Catharine Byrne, a military mom, confronted Pence at a rally in Carson City, NV about the Trump/Khan dispute.

She tried to bait him. The crowd booed her. But Pence handled it with class and grace. It turns out, that was a gentler answer than she deserved.

Networks jumped on it as more “evidence” that proper respect isn’t given to the military. Probably because they are afraid that Benghazi incident will scare military voters away from her. When even the Polls are being rigged it’s hard to pretend they’re impartial.

Anyway, this military mom stood up at a Pence rally, and asked him a pointed question:

“Time and time again, Trump has disrespected our nation’s armed forces and veterans and his disrespect for Mr. Khan and his family is just an example of that,” she said at the rally, calling on Pence to disavow Trump.

“Will there ever be a point in time when you’ll be able to look Trump in the eye and tell him, ‘enough is enough?’” Byrne said over a cascade of boos.

We were left to believe that she was an apolitical mom with a grievance.

She is anything BUT apolitical. Screenshots of her Facebook page (now made private, but available here)

Byrne was pro-Hillary, Pro #BLM and anti-Bernie:

But clearly, there was NO possibility of an AGENDA in the gotcha question she asked. Right?

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