Preacher Defends Trump, Misses the BIG PICTURE

Written by Allan Erickson on August 4, 2016

No doubt, Professor Wayne Grudem means well. However, I cannot fathom how his description of Donald Trump can possibly lead him to conclude Trump is a “good candidate” with a few “flaws”, further suggesting we ignore his corrupt business practices, the pattern of lies, his ignorance and erratic behavior, then decide voting for him is “a good moral choice.” We should call voting Trump morally good knowing he has supported abortion and same sex marriage most of his life. How can any believer logically conclude such a thing? Here is Grudem’s description of Trump, a merely flawed, good candidate:

He is egotistical, bombastic, and brash. He often lacks nuance in his statements. Sometimes he blurts out mistaken ideas (such as bombing the families of terrorists) that he later must abandon. He insults people. He can be vindictive when people attack him. He has been slow to disown and rebuke the wrongful words and actions of some angry fringe supporters. He has been married three times and claims to have been unfaithful in his marriages. These are certainly flaws, but I don’t think they are disqualifying flaws in this election.

If all this does not disqualify Trump, then nothing disqualifies Hillary Clinton either.

Grudem says we should agree with him voting for Trump is a good moral choice, and he goes a step further. Invoking Scripture, he says if we know we should make a good moral choice, and we refuse, we sin. Therefore, he tells us refusing to vote for Trump is sinful. Any number of pastors and professors will tell you not voting for Clinton is sinful as well.

photo credit: Donald Trump via photopin (license); Gage Skidmore

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Allan Erickson
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