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BREAKING: Obama’s Going After GUNSMITHS – Sign This PETITION To Stop Him!

Hey Second Amendment Fans! It’s time to show what a REAL voting block can do!

Remember when Leftists had their panties in a wad over Trump referencing fans of the Second Amendment?

Well, Obama’s trying to pick ANOTHER fight with lawful gun ownership. This time, he’s targeted gunsmiths.

There’s a Petition:

Dear Hunting & Shooting Friends:

Help protect our gunsmiths from being forced into the ITAR program. This will put many out of business. Click the link and sign the petition if you will. Thanks!

Pass this on to anyone that can help by signing.

If you want to know a little more about what this does to gunsmiths, and if it’s “really” that big a deal, it was explained here.

Share if protecting the Second Amendment is important to you.

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