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VINDICATION: FOIA Document Shows Obama & Hillary KNEW Their Actions Would Create ISIS – Tell Donald

OUCH! That awkward moment when RUSSIA had the moral high ground?? CNN owes Trump an apology! They really DID create ISIS!

It isn’t just Wikileaks giving the Obama-Hillary spin doctors night-terrors. It’s their very own declassified documents!


We have it in writing that they knew that the likely outcome was a Salafist Regime. What is a Salafist?

The dangerous nature of Salafism is described here:

It is the predominant form of Sunni Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, where most people are Wahabis, subscribing to a far-right interpretation of Salafism. In Egypt, around 5-6 million of the 82 million population are believed to be Salafis. It can also be found in Britain, where Salafism is apparently increasingly popular in universities.

What about the rest of the Middle East?
In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, Salafis received an unusual amount of press due to their growing involvement in politics. Following the toppling of president Hosni Mubarak, Salafi groups in Egypt have been responsible for a number of violent attacks on Coptic Christians. They burnt two Coptic Christian churches in 2011 and were responsible for a death during a clash with a Christian alcohol shop owner, while another fight with a Coptic Christian led to his ear being cut off.

At about the same time in Jordan, during protests in Zarqa around 350 hardline Salafis took to the streets to demand the imposition of Sharia law. Violent clashes led to 83 police offers being injured. And in Gaza, a Salafi group called Tawheed and Jihad claimed responsibility for the brutal kidnapping and murder of Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni, claiming he had spread “corruption”.
The Week

Here’s an interview with Trump’s advisor, former head of the DIA when the memo was released. He says The Administration made a “willful decision”. It was NOT just ‘turning a blind eye’.

Here are the now-unclassified documents.
[h/t Judicial watch]

And here’s the ‘smoking gun’ the released Defense Intelligence Agency document:

DIA Doc Screen Grab

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