BRUTAL MEME: ‘If Hillary Wins … I’m Moving To BENGHAZI’ (Here’s Why!)

Benghazi? Why would you POSSIBLY want to go THERE?
Ok then, NOW it makes sense!

Doug Benghazi meme

Someone who actually SURVIVED her “leadership” in Benghazi had some strong opinions about Hillary:

Kris “Tanto” Paronto, a military contractor and former Army Ranger, said Clinton failed as secretary of state to send in adequate reinforcements when the U.S. mission in Libya was under terrorist attack.

Part of the security team that tried to defend the compound, Paronto headlined the annual Lincoln Day fundraising dinner of Bridgeport Republicans, who make up less than 10 percent of the city’s electorate.

I don’t think she has a soul,” Paronto said of Clinton during an interview with Hearst Connecticut Media. “I hope it haunts her. I don’t think it will.”

Here’s a song for Cankles Clinton herself!

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