WATCH: CNN Forced to APOLOGIZE For Lying To It’s GULLIBLE Viewers!

Published on August 18, 2016

The apology was lame, but CNN DID admit their original story was a big steaming pile.

ClashDaily was one of the sites that caught CNN in their lie, and called them out on it. (Here)

(And now we know how much public pressure it takes before CNN will “walk back” a bogus story.)

CNN found the dead thug’s sister. Put her on air, and told us how she was pleading for peace. Funny… that’s not the same story WE reported!

The ClashDaily version of the story had her calling for MORE violence. (Just don’t touch OUR stuff!) It’s right here.

It isn’t as though the story was hard to find, for anyone who was WILLING to report it. Let’s see how much their “editing” altered the story. (It’s in the same clip as their non-apology.)


What they REALLY should be apologizing for isn’t the video editing. It’s for trying to manipulate their viewers. She was never a ‘sympathetic victim’ calling for peace. But the truth didn’t fit the story they were trying to tell.

If CNN had any shame at all, they’d be embarrassed to show your faces after this. But nothing will really change. Will it?

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