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CNN Lesbian Praises ‘SHARIA LAW’ – Here’s The Petition To Send Her To A SHARIA Nation

Does it take special training to be this dense, or is it a hiring criteria?

Sally Kohn became a news story in a twitter war not long ago. ClashDaily covered it here.

She weighed in on the mythical beast of Moderate Sharia-supporting Muslims. (The last story covers the twitter beating she took over that one.)

There’s now a petition on calling on her to put up or shut up. If Sharia is as good as they say, she won’t mind the terms. Right? She wouldn’t POSSIBLY be full of crap, would she?

Here’s the petition request: “Spend one week in a country where Sharia is the law for LGBTQ-rights (without bodyguards).”

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the petition begins, “A lot of right-wing nazi bigots are saying Sally Kohn is an idiot for showing support for Sharia Law, especially considering that she is a gay woman. As progressives, we know both Sharia Law and Muslims are tolerant and very LGBTQ friendly.”

Hmm, but how do we prove it to the world? The last half of the petition holds the answer.

“In order to show how LGBTQ friendly the Sharia, and it’s practitioners, are, Sally Kohn should spend a week’s holiday proudly displaying her homosexuality in Raqqa/Riyadh or any other place where Sharia is the law of the land, without guards of course, to show how safe, and how pro LGBTQ these practitioners of Sharia Law are.”

But should her double-standards REALLY surprise us?

Some will remember her for having said that she was disapppointed that her very young daughter is ‘already boy-crazy’. She wants her daughter to be a lesbian. Can you imagine the twitter-beatdown she and the other Lavender Gestapo would have if a heterosexual parent were disappointed that their kid was gay?

Maybe it’s unrealistic to expect consistent or rational thinking from Sally.

Share if admitting she’s wrong is better than being thrown from a Middle Eastern rooftop.

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