Cop Attempts ARREST – What She Did To ESCAPE Is The Stuff Of NIGHTMARES

Published on August 4, 2016

First, she uses her keys as brass-knuckles, but THEN…

She tries to BITE the officer — to infect him with HIV. You can’t make this up.

Memphis police charged 38-year-old Dayton Smith with a series of offenses after she resisted arrest during a drug bust. The HIV-infected woman reportedly tried to bite an officer on the arm during a scuffle.

The woman is now being held for aggravated assault, resisting arrest, drug possession, and the “criminal exposure” of officers to HIV.

Police report that Smith was pulled over for having expired tags. They subsequently found she was driving on a suspended license and had no insurance. After a search of the car they also found marijuana and crack cocaine.

After she was placed in the squad car officers say she banged on the car window insisting she had to use the bathroom. Once officers took her out of the car she broke away and attempted to escape. It was then that she bit an officer as they tried to re-capture her.

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