WATCH: IF The ‘Polls’ Are RIGHT – Then EXPLAIN These Trump & Hillary Rallies

Published on August 4, 2016

Trump’s Town Hall event in Portland, Maine SHOCKED everyone… Related: Hillary’s having a bad day.

Her Las Vegas rally, held in a teeny, tiny room was STILL half-empty AFTER it was disrupted by protesters.

MEANWHILE, at the Trump event in Portland, ME:

The mainstream media and the Clinton camp have one job for the next few months, and that is to get as many people possible believing the hype that Hillary Clinton is the favored candidate sitting high on top of the polls. Clinton would love to have the nation believing she is winning the hearts and minds of voters across the country — but the opposite is true.

In fact, one need only look as far as Trump and Clinton rallies to see exactly who is bringing in the most support.

While Trump rallies are often sold out, Clinton is doing well to draw a decent-sized crowd.
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Watch the video of Trump’s arrival in Daytona, FL:

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