Dear CNN: WikiLeaks EXPOSES Hillary Taking CASH From ISIS Sponsor … Is THAT ‘News?’

Published on August 4, 2016

Hey, Networks! If you get bored inventing petty scandals about Trump, Wikileaks gave you another REAL one.

If this was a story about Trump getting a payoff from an American bank, they would be all over this story. Because it would have the right villain (Trump), the right co-conspirator (wealthy 1% businessmen), and the right premise (corruption).

Which is why the networks will have to be shamed into telling this story.

It has the wrong villain (their beloved Hillary). The wrong co-conspirator (French business and Clinton Foundation). The wrong premise (terrorist connections).

Because they wouldn’t want to accidentally tell a story that would suggest Hillary was corrupt. Or traded political access for cash. Or had any false dealings in her “charity”. Or aided and abetted Terrorists. Or was treasonous.

Is this the REAL reason she had private email servers? To hide her connections?

Here’s the gist of it:

Lafarge also has close ties to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Apart from being a regular donor to the Clinton Foundation, Clinton herself was a director of Lafarge in the early 1990s and did legal work for the firm in the 1980s. During her connection to Lafarge, the firm was implicated in facilitating a CIA-backed covert arms export network to Saddam Hussein.

An investigative report by the French daily Le Monde revealed in June that the corporation, the world’s leader in construction materials, had paid taxes to Isis middlemen, as well as other armed groups in Syria, to protect its cement business operations in the country.
source: Young Conservatives

Oh. By the way. Remember that rambling life story Bill gave at the DNC? Did he happen to mention that Hillary was a DIRECTOR at that same company that’s now implicated for funding ISIS?

You think that could be… you know… newsworthy for someone hoping to be President?

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