VIRAL: This Anti-Hillary Float Is HILARIOUS, Hillary’s NOT Amused, So SHARE It!

Published on August 4, 2016

Once you’ve seen this float, you can just GUESS what “triggered” people about it!


What had people wailing and gnashing their teeth? About this float?

It hurt their widdle sensibilities:

“I’m glad my grandkids weren’t there to see it,” one unnamed woman told the newspaper. “Here we have what could be the first woman president in our history — and to treat her like that — I thought was disrespectful to her and disrespectful to women.” Conservative Tribune

While we’re on the topic, how do we reconcile those ‘Trans’ gender issues Democrats pressed into the political sphere vs Hillary herself saying “deal-me-in” in her DNC speech about “the woman card”?

Isn’t that some sort of a Cis-gender faux pas? Isn’t that somehow insensitive to the LGBT (etc) movement?

Hillary will HATE this photo. Share it to EVERYONE!