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DISGUSTING: DOJ’s New ‘Rights’ Announcement Will Hurt THESE Children

Submitted by Betsy Kerekes
The Ruth Institute

Ruth Institute Statement on the Department of Justice Guidelines to Ensure the Civil Rights of Transgender Students:

The Ruth Institute objects to these far-reaching Guidelines of questionable legality. Among our chief concerns:

· These Guidelines, if implemented, will not actually help real children, struggling with unique and complex issues, such as Intersex students and students who experience Gender Dysphoria. See the complete analysis below.

· The Guidelines permit students to present themselves as “transgender,” without the knowledge of their parents, and without any adult input at all.

· The Guidelines create a class of students called “Transgender” which is a politically defined and not a medically defined class. The government has no competency to do such a thing.

· These Guidelines, if implemented, will certainly harm the millions of ordinary children who are not struggling with gender identity issues at this time.

· These far-reaching Guidelines from the Federal government encroach on the legitimate prerogatives of states, localities and families.

· These Guidelines were issued through a “Dear Colleague” letter, which may or may not be legally binding. Indeed, the 23 states that are suing the Department of Justice argue that such a letter is not binding on local schools.

· School boards are well within their moral and legal rights to decline to participate in the federal government’s war against nature.

These Guidelines do not serve the interests of children. Young people are not fully developed in their sense of identity, including their sense of gender identity. Children who are so confused about who they are that they identify as something other than their bodily gender need adult supervision, and greater bodily privacy, not less of each. They would benefit from the supervision and privacy afforded by use of a single stall or staff bathroom.

The public schools have no business enlisting small children in an ideological crusade of any kind. Creating a day to day living environment that implements the most controversial plank of the transgender political regime does exactly that: enlists the children in an ideological crusade. Certainly, the federal government should not be conscripting every public school in America in an ideological movement, and drafting every public school child in America as its foot soldiers.

School boards are well within their moral and legal rights to decline to participate in the federal government’s war against nature.

For the Ruth Institute’s full statement in response to these proposed guidelines, including reference materials, click here.

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