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Remember when Olympians Had THIS… How Can They Play ANYTHING Without It?

Sportsmanship is defined as ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or athletic event.

The politically motivated actions of some of the athletes and those that sponsor the Olympic participants has been radically different than the word defined above.

From the beginning, the athletes and the powers behind the scenes have tried to politicize the games. The incident with Michael Phelps and the US flag on the opening day dominated the news. The most decorated gold medal winner Phelps was chosen to carry the flag for the US Team.

Someone behind the scenes thought that the Ibtihaj Muhammad should be the one to carry it as she was the first athlete to compete in a hijab.

Muhammed later said that she, “Didn’t feel safe in America.”

Really? Perhaps she would like to live in a Sharia dominated country where she could be killed for trying to be in a competition, walking alone, speaking to an unknown male, etc. That might give her a better feeling overall. Being that she has had all the advantages of living in the USA, and is part of the Olympic team, one would think she could be more grateful, focus on her accomplishments and not try to introduce politics into an arena where it is inappropriate.

There is the case of the Egyptian Judo participant who refused to shake the hand of the Israeli athlete that won the match. He has since been rightfully sent home from the Olympics for failing to exhibit good behavior.

There were many who tried and did not make it to the Games. What happened to promoting your team and your sport? It is the same as saying, “Sorry, instead of being happy and proud to be part of it all, I must insist on bringing my hatred and prejudice along for the ride.”

However, the blame doesn’t rest solely on the athletes. The sponsors and the media have thrown their axe into grind. Coca Cola and Proctor and Gamble refuse to back Kim Rhode, six-time Gold Medal winner and the only woman to win six gold medals, because her sport and her opinions favor the 2nd Amendment.

Not only will these sponsors refuse Ms. Rhode, the media is biased against her as well.

So much for the liberal media’s “Pro Woman” agenda. Really? How petty can it get?

How about the female candidate for presidency? Anything, anything? No, hmmm.

The Constitution is part and parcel of the United States of America.

If any citizen of the US can no longer abide the laws that created our society and bind us together, they are most certainly free to immigrate to any other country in the world.

France might be nice, the people are not allowed to have firearms, and Delta is ready when you are!

It is unimaginable that the 2016 Olympics are so riddled with similar sentiments that marked the 1972 Olympics.

In a world that our president calls, “More prosperous and more peaceful than ever before,” it certainly doesn’t look that way. It appears to be going backward in time.

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Candace Hardin

Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.