Published on August 2, 2016

Look who’s dropped the gauntlet with Michelle.

Her odds aren’t looking good.

When I wrote this article I prepared myself for the backlash I was going to get. It was only a few years ago that I was bounced off FoxNews for saying that the Surgeon General ( Dr. Benjamin) was obese and a horrific choice for Surgeon General. Obesity in this country is costing 190 billion a year ( it was 130 billion seven years ago)in medical costs,164 billion to employers annually in lost productivity and another 70 billion a year in Medicare and Medicaid costs. Obesity is such a crisis that Military and Pentagon leaders have said it poses a national security threat because there are not enough soldiers to be found among all the fat and squishy millennials in this country. I argued back then that you could not put a portly and obese woman in charge of the greatest health threat, economic and military threat facing our country. I also said many times Michelle is clueless on how to get Americans fit and sexy again. I would hear from my news sources at Fox that Michelle Obama herself was outraged at my statements on Dr. Benjamin’s appointment and Michelle’s impotent and inane war on obesity. She had her staff contact FoxNews and attempt to label me a racist. Newsweek magazine, Keith Olberman and Cenk Uygor among other liberals would attack me for daring to speak the truth: Michelle and Dr. Benjamin were squishy sisters who had no business in this fight. That was six years ago and after 14.5 billion was pumped into schools making kids eat veggies and putting produce in urban groceries. Was I Nostradamus or Dick Morris (who besides Karl Rove makes worse political predictions?).

According to the CDC, in 2008 65 percent of Americans were overweight or obese. In 2015 69 percent of Americans are now overweight or obese. In 2009 34 percent of Americans were obese (30 pounds overweight). In 2016 38 percent of Americans were obese. Childhood obesity was 14 percent in 2008. In 2015 17 percent of adolescent children were obese. In 2000 only 9 percent of children in this country had prediabetes. 23 percent of kids in this country now have prediabetes. Morbid obesity has spiked among children and adults as well in the last seven years. In California ( The only state that tracks prediabetes rigorously )prediabetes has gone from 20 percent of Adults in 2000 to 46 percent of adults in 2016( Proving once again that liberals are chubbies).

If those stats don’t want to make you put down the Chubby Hubby ice cream and head to the gym then consider this: economists and health care experts are forecasting obesity to cost the taxpayers 400 billion (Instead of the current 190 billion) in 2020 and 600 billion a year by the year 2030 when all these millennials head to the pharmacy for their insulin, sleep Apnea machines and erectile dysfunction drugs. This country is facing a future of a comprised military, unsustainable health care costs and millions of chubbies riding their golf carts in your grocery store, ballpark and airport.

Based on the above how can any rational and Fit American think Michelle Obama’s war on obesity was not another liberal bay of pigs (no pun intended)? Why do the media and political analysts give her props and kudos for her efforts on this crisis? She failed on the war on obesity WORSE than Hillary failed in Libya and her skinny Husband failed with ISIS, Assad and Putin.

I think it’s time for all the other liberals to admit I was right on how Dr. Benjamin and Michelle were ineffectual leaders for this vicious and serious battle. I also think it’s time for Michelle to admit she is a joker on the war on fat and to apologize to me. Fat chance, huh?

Michael Karolchyk
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