WHOA, MAMA: ISIS Weighs Into Trump v. Khan DRAMA With Shocking Statement

Published on August 2, 2016

DNC has got to be in full panic mode, trying to spin this story away.

According to PJ Media, Dabiq 15 — the Islamic State’s online magazine — began with a picture of Capt. Khan’s Arlington Cemetery headstone with the sickening caption, “Beware of dying as an apostate.” They went on to say that Capt. Khan’s service to America meant that he had strayed and had thus been cast into the fiery depths of the afterlife’s less desirable neighborhoods…

…as for the Islamic State group? They don’t care that the Khans are Muslim. They want them just as dead as they want anyone else in the West.

They would be happy, in fact, to kill both of Capt. Khan’s parents for the mere act of speaking out at an American political convention or for having a son who was an American military hero.

That’s bad enough. What’s even worse is that the Democrats — the very party that invited this attention upon the Khan family — would be more than happy to put the family at risk of that fate, thanks to their purposeful inattention to immigration vetting.

Let’s not forget that it was a bomb from exactly these sorts of people which turned them in Gold Star Parents in the first place. But no, they reserve their criticism for the Republicans?

Could they save their hate for the murderous Islamists who want to make many more such Gold Star parents (instead of wasting it on Republicans)?

Well maybe not. If they did that, they’d stop being Democrats.

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