HEY GUN-GRABBERS: This Truth-Bomb Might MELT Your Brain – Please Fwd This To HRC

Published on August 30, 2016

This is for all you anti-2nd Amendment chumps. Reality sucks when it conflicts with your worldview.

Liberal Brain-Melt in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1:

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No wonder there’s a flood of people clamouring to enter the southern border.

Criminals have a nasty habit of not obeying laws and obtain their weapons illegally.

If the average citizen is armed and knows how to use their weapon, they can protect themselves from thugs.

How is this hard?

For those of you who like statistics, this is for you:

Mexico can hardly be described as a heavily armed society. With around 2.5 million registered gun owners and at least 13 million more illegal arms in circulation, the country has a ratio of just 15 guns for every 100 people, well below the global average. Unlike in the U.S., civilian possession in Mexico is considered a privilege, not a right and is tightly regulated under federal law since the 1970s. Extensive background checks are required of all purchasers, and there are heavy penalties and even imprisonment for non-compliance. Astonishingly, there is just one legal gun shop in the country, compared to more than 54,000 federally licensed firearm dealers and thousands of pawnshops and gun shows scattered across the U.S.
Federalist Papers

Contrast that to the universal gun ownership of Switzerland, and minimal gun crime in Switzerland.

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