More RIGGED Polls: Is TRUMP Trailing or TIED? And Can You TRUST These Bastards?

When two polls are so far apart, do we attribute the difference to dishonesty or incompetence? And which one should we believe?

Look at the differences, and see for yourself:

Hillary Clinton is maintaining her lead over Donald Trump in a Monmouth University poll – though her edge has narrowed since the political conventions and another poll out Monday showed the race as tied.

Clinton’s lead over Trump stands at 7 percentage points, 49 to 42, in the new Monmouth survey.

…But another poll out Monday, the LA Times daily tracking poll, now has Clinton and Trump tied at 44 per cent.

Clinton’s shrinking lead has coincided with still more reports of revelations from her emails.

A 54 per cent majority believe Clinton Foundation donors got special treatment from the State Department during Clinton’s tenure. Just 26 per cent believe Clinton did nothing out of the ordinary.
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What ISN’T said is whether any of these polls have disproportionate numbers of Democrats responding. This has impacted other polls earlier this summer, as ClashDaily reported here.

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