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Has Hillary’s Health Hit A Wall… Or The Bottle?

There’s been a lot of speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health lately: unexplained falls, bouts of coughing, disappearing from the campaign trail and ‘short-circuits’ of the brain. All of these are potential symptoms of alcoholism.

Last week, Donald Trump jokingly referred to Clinton citing that she gives short ‘ten minute speeches’ then goes home for three days, ‘takes a nap,’ and returns to give another ‘ten minute speech.’ This is certainly an exaggeration, but an interesting observation of her appearance schedule and perhaps lacking stamina.

It’s also no secret that Hillary Clinton is known for her bouts of rage. Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne recently published the book, Crisis of Character, outlining the details of Hillary’s outburst at then-President Bill Clinton and other employees in the White House. A quick Google search of Hillary Clinton drinking reveals hundreds of unique photos of her drinking wine, martinis and taking shots of whiskey.

Moreover, there’s plenty of video and audio where Hillary Clinton and her campaign address her drinking. She’s on record admitting having challenged Sen. John McCain of Arizona to a drinking contest while the two were in Estonia. She states that she beat him after four shots of vodka. Her campaign manager was quoted in the American Spectator as saying “She’s a girl from Illinois who likes to throw ’em down with the rest of us.”

These statements certainly don’t convict her of a drinking problem, but they do represent the foundation of a pattern outlined below.

Given her rigid persona and her dislikability by the voters, it appears as if the campaign wants her drinking to be seen and acknowledged (by voters) in order to make her more like the rest of us. About seven percent of the United States population (17+ million people) suffers from alcohol addiction.

Clinton was asked about her drinking, with a friend, a couple of years ago, to which she replied, “We sat there drinking vodka (laughing) until we both agreed to withdraw – reached the limit (laughing again)”

Patti Solis Doyle of Solis Strategies told Huffington Post that “[Hillary] likes to hang out and drink and gossip.” Doyle was asked, “what’s her drink?” She replied, “Well…when I drank with her it was wine and vodka.”

Clinton was previously seen in Cartagena, Columbia for the Summit of Americas. The bartender said she and two other women ordered 12 beers and two shots of whiskey. She’s seen in video screaming and partying, flush in the face, with a beer in one hand and a shot of whiskey in the other (standing at the bar – downing in like a drunken sailor).

Could these episodes explain why she passed out in 2005 while giving a speech? Perhaps alcohol could explain her fractured elbow from a fall in 2009. Drudge Report reminded us last week of her fall as she was getting onto a State Department aircraft (while serving as Secretary of State). She had the ‘mother’ of all falls in 2012 resulting in a concussion. She spent six months working from home after that episode.
Since the concussion, she has taken prescription Coumadin for a cerebral venous thrombosis. This is otherwise known as a blood-clot near her brain. Coumadin’s side effects (used as a blood thinner to prevent strokes and heart attacks) include dizziness and can be worsened by excessive alcohol. Could this explain the campaign trail “short-circuits?”

In the 2012 White House correspondents dinner, Pres. Obama jokingly said, “I was locked in a brutal primary battle with Hillary Clinton….four years later she won’t stop drunk texting me.” We all know there’s a little truth in every joke – if not a lot.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick says, “we were on the campaign trail in 2008 and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no.”

Finally, there’s all the coughing fits at various campaign rallies. What does that have to do with alcohol? Alcohol is one of the worst substances known for setting off allergies. One of her favorite drinks, wine, is chocked full of histamine. Some people cannot metabolize histamine as well as others which can set off a chemical chain-reaction throughout the body. The symptoms of this histamine intolerance can be scratchy throat, congestion and coughing.

I discovered this about two years ago after a series of allergy tests that proved nothing. I began reading about various foods that were high in histamine and realized that even two glasses of wine in the evening can create congestion and coughing the following day. Over several days it can become debilitating. Testing my findings, I stopped drinking wine and my allergies became almost one-hundred percent better after just a few days.

Let’s compare the presidency to being the captain of a sailboat. When I’m in the ocean (and the sailboat captain), I have a simple rule: no drinking (open ocean, calm weather, auto-pilot or not). If I plan to have drinks while sailing, I hire a captain (yes, I normally charter the boat with a captain). As captain, you must accept that something can go wrong at any moment. If I’m impaired at the helm, not only could my sailboat sink, we could all perish as a result of my inability to make sound judgments.

It is a vast understatement to compare being the captain of a 50 foot sailboat to being the president of the United States. The latter has far higher stakes.

Clinton’s pattern of raging outbursts, public-falls, health conditions and public drinking displays a person who lacks the discipline to put her service ahead of pleasure.

Imagine President Hillary Clinton innocently having a few glasses of wine at a State dinner, followed by a couple more shots of vodka (or whiskey), before bed, and the phone rings at 3am. It’s a military crisis where a split-second decision is needed. American lives are on the line. How will she do?

Bryan Crabtree, is a contributor to, a rising and influential young voice in the conservative media, and host of The Bryan Crabtree Show heard live on Atlanta’s Biz 1190.

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