PATRIOTS: Leftists Don’t Care If You Agree… Just SHUT UP And COMPLY

Written by Kenn Daily on August 19, 2016

Theodore Dalrymple (real name, Anthony Daniels) is one of the most insightful commentators of our time.

His careers as an English writer and retired prison doctor and psychiatrist give him unique insights into the workings of criminal minds. He also worked in a number of Sub-Saharan African countries as well as in the east end of London.

Dalrymple is attributed with the following observation:

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

That is, the function of the far-left’s mind-manipulating propaganda is not to convince us to accept Marxism. Rather, it is to shush us. We are then compelled to voice Marxist dogma, even though our rational minds reject it.

That’s why the far-left is so insistent on using the “racist” pejorative.

When we speak the truth, they call us “racists”. No one wants to be demonized as a racist, so we shush.

Consequently, the only people talking are liars.

Fortunately, the advent of the Internet has allowed rational, clear-thinking people to join the discourse. We are part of the global conversation and, as such, pose a serious threat to the cultural Marxism cult.

The far left utilizes the media — cinema and television in particular — to infect our minds with the cultural Marxism virus. The Internet allows us to kill that bacterial infection by exposing minds to the truth. Reality is the vaccine that destroys the cultural Marxism virus.

Below are three mind-clearing news stories that were largely ignored by the national mainstream media:

• Did you know London, England’s Muslim mayor plans to waste £1,730,726 monitoring and censoring social media participants who dare speak the truth about Islam on the Internet?

For example: If you were to state the fact that there have been 29,037 documented Islamic terror attacks since 9-11/2001, your comment may be deleted from social media.

Such truth-telling constitutes Islamophobia. So shush!

• Did you know Black Lives Matter showed up in Memphis, Tennessee this week to protest Elvis?

The “King of Rock” died on August 16, 1979. Each year fans gather for a candlelight vigil at the dead singer’s Graceland estate in Memphis.

Most of the fans are white. The far left cannot tolerate even small gatherings of white people. Who knows? Such gatherings may morph into a Klan rally.

Memphis police monitored the vigil and separated the Elvis fans from the Black Lives Matter protesters. Authorities were accused of Jim Crow segregation, profiling the protesters by race.

It should be noted that the nearly all-white fans were humming Elvis tunes while the demonstrators were loudly chanting “Black Lives Matter.” Could it be possible that the crowd was not segregated by white and black, but by hummers and chanters?

• Did you know that Black Lives Matter ignored the murder of a 45-year-old black man in North Charleston, South Carolina?

45-year-old Chadwick Garrett noted a new 2016 Dodge Durango stuck in a roadside ditch. The Good Samaritan offered his services: He would pull the SUV out of the ditch for $20.

The two black teens in the SUV agreed.

After fulfilling his commitment, Garrett asked for his $20. Instead he was shot multiple times in the chest. The wounds were fatal.

Garrett’s life didn’t seem to matter to Black Lives Matter.

Arrested were Deon Frasier, 17, and Michael Dupree-Tyler, 19. Frasier confessed to pulling the trigger.

Now, let’s imagine: What if Garrett had been an off-duty police officer? What if he had returned fire in self- defense? What if Frasier had been killed? Would there have been protests? Riots? Major news coverage?

Would Black Lives Matter have cared?

photo credit: Quiet via photopin (license); Brian Tomlinson

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Kenn Daily
Kenn Gividen (aka, Kenn Daily) is the publisher of Now 64 years old, Kenn formed his conservative views at the age of 14 and was an early member of Young Americans for Freedom. He is a vociferous anti-racist but sets himself apart from most conservatives by refusing to be bullied into silence regarding racial issues. Violent black crime is a signature issue of his website. Kenn is a semi-retired business owner. He lives in Indiana with his wife of 40 years. He has two grown children -- a daughter and son -- four grandchildren, and two granddogs.