Published on August 19, 2016

Hey Hillary, pro-tip: “Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.”

She’s gone and stepped in it now. Hillary has gone and made the mistake of calling Breitbart Anti-Semetic. Which opens up her own record to scrutiny.

Clapton can provide the appropriate “mood Music” for your enjoyment as you read how this unfolds.

Do you find it in any way suspicious that this accusation was made IN A FUNDRAISING email? Right. Nothing suspicious there.

Breitbart fired back with a Top Five Hillary-is Anti-Semetic list.

Summarized, they are:

1) Attacking Bernie Sanders for his religion.

2) Embracing Black Lives Matter. (Clinton supporter Alan Dershowitz called out the BLM platform as anti-Semitic)

3) Regularly Promoting and Sharing Israel-haters. (Including Max Blumenthal)

4) Kissing / Embracing Arafat’s wife after she accused Israel of gassing Palestinians.

5) Supporting the Iran Deal, The Ransom, And Tim Kaine
Full response HERE

American Thinker points to her choice of Huma Abedin for Deputy Chief of Staff as further evidence.

Huma Abedin used to be a journalist who worked at a magazine that favored Islamic supremacist ideology. This is just what we need as the right-hand woman for Hillary Clinton.

Huma is a genealogical anti-Semite who is close to Hillary and married to a pervert. Hillary has never evidenced any fondness for the Jews and is also married to a pervert.

Hillary has been pro-Palestinian her whole career. She was a fan of Yasser Arafat. Only the Jews are stupid enough to back their enemies. They voted almost unanimously for Obama, who is one of Israel’s greatest foes.

Let’s get this straight. I am a Jew. But I have no desire to kill myself by voting for politically correct covert Jew-haters.

There’s another reason.

If her VEEP is BFF with George Soros’ son, and George is an ENORMOUS financier of all things Liberal, would his ill-will toward Israel not shape their policy?

And that’s without even getting into her “effing retards” and (alleged) “stupid K-ke” remarks reported here.

But seriously. Go ahead and use Anti-Semetism as a hook in your fundraising emails. If they’re dumb enough to support you? They’ll probably buy it.

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