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PICK ONE: Leftist Agenda or The American Dream … You CAN’T Have BOTH

by Lloyd Marcus
Clash Daily Contributor

I admit it. I have this corny obsession with the baseball movie, The Natural. At the end of the movie it is the bottom of the ninth ending with two outs. Roy Hobbs is at bat. The game and his teammate’s hope of playing in the world series is on Roy’s shoulders.

In his youth, life threw Roy an unexpected curve ball which shattered his dream of baseball stardom. Several years pasted. Beat up by life and having lost his confidence, Roy decided to give his baseball dream one last try.

For a nefarious reason, a scout signed the older player who never played major league baseball to a contact with a last place major league team. Roy started his baseball career at an age player’s typically retire. Despite his age and an old gunshot wound, Roy’s gift for baseball was still alive and well. With his natural talent and leadership, Roy led his team from last place to the championship game.

No matter how much good you attempt to do there are always haters who try to destroy you and your dream. Evil people poisoned Roy to stop him from playing in the championship game. A doctor cautioned Roy that due to his age and old wound, playing in the final game of the season could kill him. Feeling physically weak, Roy drug himself to the final game. Because of his time away in the hospital, Roy’s timing at the plate was off. Every at bat Roy struck out.

There he was in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and two strikes. The second was a foul ball which broke Roy’s famous bat (Wonder Boy). Roy instructed the bat-boy, “Go pick me out a winner Bobby.” Bobby brought the bat that Roy helped him carve from a chunk of wood.

Sweat rolled from Roy’s brow. A small blood stain appeared on Roy’s uniform from his stomach wound. Roy’s final swing was an amazingly powerful home-run, sending his team to the world series. That scene always makes me cry. Hitting that mammoth home run was the culmination of Roy’s years of disappointments, loss of confidence and frustrations. It is also touching that by fulfilling his baseball dream, Roy touched many lives in a positive way; fulfilling the dreams of his old coach, teammates and others.

It is unfortunate that liberals have distorted the individual pursuit of a dream to be viewed as selfish and somehow even racist. Crabs must be cooked alive. Any crab trying to climb out of the pot is pulled back by the others. Liberals are like the crabs, always seeking to pull achievers back to spread mediocrity equally.

Roy generously spent time with Bobby helping him carve his bat (Savoy Special). Roy had no idea that would be the bat he’d use to fulfill his dream. Many times helping others to pursue their dreams unexpectedly contribute to you fulfilling your dream.

With liberals dominating government, education and entertainment, it is unfortunate that so many things traditionally viewed as good are now viewed as bad; selfish and racist. For example, our nation was built upon small business owners willing to risk everything in pursuit of a better life for their families and themselves. And yet, Obama has been hostile towards small business owners, scolding them saying, “You didn’t build that.” Obama was implying that somehow they owe a debt to society. This supposedly justified him over-regulating, over-taxing and redistributing their hard earned wealth to buy the votes of the lazy and entitlement minded.

Frankly, American small business owners should be celebrated rather than demonized. By pursuing their dreams, they bless their fellow Americans with jobs, goods and services. This is called trickle-down-economics. Trickle-down-economics is another thing liberals have twisted to be viewed as bad; selfish, racist and sexist. However, trickle-down is a good thing and how all economics work.

Since he was 9 years old, my 88-year-old, black dad benefited from trickle-down economics. The natural entrepreneur shined shoes for 5 cents a shine on the corner of Baltimore and Gay Streets. He shined shoes at the Greyhound Bus station for $1 per day. He earned around $4 in tips by putting on a good show; twirling his brushes and popping his shoe shine cloth. After the shine he used a whisk broom to brush down his customer’s suit. Dad chuckled saying he always found a spot on the back of the gentleman’s suit which required a little extra attention. Dad, a little boy, made $1.25 per week working with the fish man who sold fish from his horse pulled wagon.

The proud American dreamer still beams telling me how he paid rent to Aunt Nee who raised him. When Dad purchased a sport shirt for 45 cents, he bragged to his buddies that he was buying his own clothes. Dad said he was outraged when they raised the admission into the movies from 10 cents to 11. He budgeted 5 cents for the movie snack bar. Dad jokingly said youth today are smarter than him. Instead of working to earn money, they hit someone over the head. I thought, or Obama takes it from achievers to give to the lazy and irresponsible.

Folks, here is a perfect example of an American tragedy created by Democrats. My cousin who recently passed away at age 68 was a product of generational welfare; total government dependency. She had 6 kids, 25 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren. Dad said she never held a job. The vast majority of her offspring are following in her footsteps. Imagine all of the natural gifts and talents lying dormant in that family; unfulfilled. The Democrats provide them with just enough free stuff to survive and keep them loyal Democrat voters. It is truly tragic folks.

My sister-in-law is a grandmother. A few years ago, she decided to pursue her dream since her youth of becoming an actress. After taking acting lessons, performing in local productions and trips from her hometown Baltimore to New York, she has landed a few impressive acting jobs. This does not surprise me. She has always been a natural.

Lloyd Marcus: The Unhyphenated American
Chairman: Conservative Campaign Committee


lloyd marcus editThe UK Guardian declared prolific writer, singer and songwriter Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement’s most prominent African American; seen on Fox News, CNN and more. Rejecting hyphenating, Marcus is renowned for proclaiming, “I am NOT an African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus AMERICAN!!!” Marcus is Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee PAC. It’s mission is to elect conservative candidates across America.

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