QUESTION: Should We ‘Stop Trying To FIX The Police And Fix The GHETTO?

Published on August 15, 2016

The Sheriff Clark Press conference was much anticipated. We were NOT disappointed.

“Stop trying to fix the police, and fix the ghetto.”

With his typical class, Sheriff Clark addressed the public after this weekend’s Milwaukee mess.

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He welcomed the scrutiny police are subject to in their use of force. (Because, he acknowledged, they draw their authority from the consent of the governed.)

He called out underlying causes of societal problems including poverty, inadequate schools, parenting failures, and unemployment. Police action is an “igniter” of problems already there. Not the cause of those problems.

He describes BLM as a war on police and just a reboot of the wars on police from the 1960s.

He drops the gauntlet for those who would like to bring change, to do so in a better way. To address the REAL problems.

The Sheriff lays out a REAL strategy for how to make change in those neighborhoods.

Then he goes into the dead guy’s rap sheet.

Punish unwanted behaviour, you’ll see less of it. Don’t and you’ll see more of it.

Share if the Sherrif makes more sense than the social engineering projects we’ve seen later.


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