Reading, Writing and… RACISM? Univesity launches DISGUSTING Race-Baiting Course

Written by Kenn Daily on August 25, 2016

Do white lives matter?

Apparently not to Binghamton University in upstate New York.

The school is requiring resident assistants to endure a course titled, “Stop White People.”

“The intent is to help other take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within,” it says.

It appears that “diversity” and “hate white people” are synonymous.

That sentiment has been played out across the American landscape as white people continue to be victims of an epidemic of violent black crime.

Here are a few examples:

• The black male convicted of murdering two white young adults during a store robbery may get a new trial after his conviction was overturned.

Lavere Bryant was convicted of murdering two 20-year-old employees — Joseph Orlando and Brenna Machus — at a Family Dollar Store in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Michigan Appeals Court ruled that the convict will get a new trial because testimony was heard that wasn’t relevant to the charges against him.

The new trial is contingent upon a ruling from the state supreme court.

Bryant had been sentenced to life without parole for the murders.

During the original trial in 2014, Orlando’s stepmother testified:

“You took so much from so many people when you took them away,” said Shannon Miller, Orlando’s stepmother. “When you murdered Joey, when you killed him like he was nothing — let me tell you something, he was someone.”

Miller went on to say she wishes nothing but the worst for Bryant.

“I hope you feel the fear and torture you put them through, every moment of every single day as long as you rot in prison for eternity, and when you rot in hell,” she said.

Miller was not showered with the national attention as the mother of Trayvon Martin.

• To some it’s “Allahu akbar” to others it’s “black lives matter”.

Either way, the misplaced slogans betray deep-seated hate that smacks of cult-like brainwashing.

Both are trademarks of the far left’s efforts to displace Western culture.

Seven males — five black and two white — attacked another seven males — all white — in Akron, Ohio without provocation. They reportedly shouted, “Black lives matter!” during the attacks.

The deep-seated hatred for white people, particularly white males, is the outcome of cultural Marxist mind manipulation.

The media, meanwhile, ignores the rampant hate.

• A black male was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter after fatally shooting a white man in the back.

The shooting was video recorded by a surveillance camera.

The jury reasoned Howard F. Penn was acting in self-defense when he shot 52-year-old Lloyd Worster.

The crime occurred two years ago in Albion, Massachusetts.


“The family of Mr. Worster, who worked as a handyman at the 765 Main St. rooming house, exited the courtroom quickly after Monday’s verdict. In an elevator, his daughter Nicole Worster expressed anger over the jury’s decision.”

• Michael Moore died moments after answering a knock at the door.

According to Moore’s wife, the 26-year-old Fitzgerald, Georgia man went outside to talk to three males. He then stumbled back inside the house after being shot.

Police have identified 16-year-old Herbert Robinson at the suspect.

The young victim was the father of two small children.

Robinson is black. Moore was white.

• The body of 18-year-old McKenna Elizabeth Hilton was found near a lake in Grand Rapids Township, Michigan.

A black male teenager who knew the victim has been detained. He is identified as 16-year-old Savon Eugene Schmus.


Hilton’s body was found near Dean Lake Avenue, just north of Int. 96, less than a mile from a home where the boy’s father is living, court documents show.

Schmus, who recently got his driver’s license, has no juvenile record.

It’s not known precisely how long Hilton’s body was there, but a teenager who saw the body said it wasn’t there Wednesday when he was riding his bicycle.

Hilton’s body was found near Dean Lake Avenue, just north of Int. 96, less than a mile from a home where the boy’s father is living, court documents show.

Black-on-white violence continues to be epidemic in America. And it continues to be ignored by the mainstream national media.

photo credit: Confront Your Racism via photopin (license); Adam Fagen

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