QUESTION: Would You DANCE In The Street If Assange DESTROYS Hillary?

Published on August 25, 2016

Q. Do you think this information is a ‘game changer’? A. I think it’s significant.

The big question here is who’s strategy will work with the voter.

Will Clinton’s cynical, but tried-and-true ‘Lie & Deny until the story gets old’ save her haggard hide yet again?

Or will these timed information dumps finally break through her defences and expose her for the corrupt hack that she is.

He told Fox News’s Megyn Kelly that Clinton – who has vowed to ‘run out the clock’ on various controversial stories, according to unnamed sources – may be ‘forced’ to respond to his remarks.
Assange said his team was ‘working around the clock’ on ‘a lot of material’ from the Clinton election campaign – and that his findings were ‘significant.’

…he promised that it would ‘absolutely’ come out before November’s election.
He also declined to say exactly what it was that Wikileaks would be releasing, but that ‘thousands of pages’ of material are being read through at the moment by his team.

…’I think it’s significant,’ he said. ‘Ah, you know, it depends on how it catches fire in the public and in the media.’

Assange also told Kelly that his team was taking pains to check the veracity of their data, so they wouldn’t spoil what he called a ‘perfect ten-year record.’

Watch Part 1 of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Assange:

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