WATCH: Obama & Hillary Say They ‘LOVE Blacks’ – This Video Blows That BS All To HELL!

Published on August 1, 2016

If someone asked you if blacks were better off in 1960, or now would you be able to produce numbers to back it up?

This video can. And it’s not even close!

We are supposed to be living in an era where everything is getting better for disadvantaged groups. But the same people who are trying to “fix” society are actually making it worse!

How can this be? Because their wrong assumptions lead to wrong solutions to real problems.

The sad state of the Black community today, says Sowell, is NOT due to slavery. The social ills we see, including the breakdown of the family, are directly connected to the Welfare state. They make their case in this video.

(Courtesy Hidden Americans Facebook Page)

This video will tie Hillary and Obama in knots. Share far and wide!