WATCH: State Dept ATTEMPTS To Lie About ‘$400M RANSOM’ – Hillary Needs To Teach Him How To LIE Better

Published on August 19, 2016

State Department is furiously back-pedalling now that they admitted that Iran’s money is, in fact a ransom payment.

Bill Clinton offered this piece of clarification that may be helpful:

Well, maybe you have to be a Clinton to wade through b.s. this deep. Because the State Department seems to be struggling.

The story at first, was that this was NOT a ransom payment. Nope. Nothing to see here. Haha haha why would even SAY such a thing? This was Iran’s money, right? In unmarked foreign bills. In brown paper bags, probably. Totally normal.

Ok, ok, maybe it WAS “contingent” on people being released.

But that’s not the same thing at all, right?

(He’s not very Clintonian in his lying yet. Needs YEARS more practice.)

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