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9/11 MATTRESS SALE: Repulsive, Yes. … But Just A Small Part Of A MUCH BIGGER Problem.

Miracle Mattress in San Antonio recently planned a 9/11 sale – entitled the “Twin Tower sale” – complete with a televised ad featuring two employees falling backwards onto two piles of mattresses with an American flag displayed between them. That’s right. Fifteen years after the most horrific terrorist attack in world history and the largest singular loss of life in an armed conflict on American soil, and a mattress store decides to commemorate the whole thing with a Twin Tower mattress sale.

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001? I sure do. I remember anxiously calling my wife (I was on extended travel and our baby was just shy of 17 months old), and then my parents, just to make sure they were okay even though they were living in Georgia and North Carolina respectively. I remember telling co-workers, “This is the Pearl Harbor of our era”. On that day, Americans had no idea what was happening as it unfolded in real time right before our eyes.

So back to the Miracle Mattress promotion. Tasteless? Sure. As for the outrage over the Twin Tower mattress sale – there has been so much outrage Miracle Mattress decided to close their doors for the 9/11 weekend to ensure the safety of their employees – why?

Isn’t degeneration of 9/11 into one more in a long line of crass and overly politicized commemorations what we the American people are all about these days?

We celebrate Easter as a day in which a magical bunny hops around the land delivering candy in plastic eggs for little children to find on their way back from the nearest Easter Clearance sale at the local mall.

Dec 25th comes and goes each year. There are lots of sales that precede it. Few if any have anything at all to do with that being the day Jesus Christ’s birth is celebrated. Mention Jesus by the way — and especially if you’re thinking about displaying a nativity scene in public — and chances are your Dec 25th celebration will be converted into a bland “Winter Holiday Celebration” after your local municipal regime is threatened with a law suit by any number of atheist extortion outfits*.

Thanksgiving, where it isn’t denounced as the opening volley of white privilege directed against North America’s native population (who themselves migrated from Asia way back when the Bering Strait allegedly froze over permitting passage from what we now call Chukotka into the Seward Peninsula), increasingly it’s a holiday in which American families assemble somewhere and then promptly head out to eat before engaging in early shopping related to the aforementioned Dec 25th holiday. The giving of thanks in other words is less about fellowship and familyship, and more about downing baby back ribs and two cold ones then checking items off the Christmas err Winter Holiday Celebration shopping to-do list.

Dec 7th is all but forgotten. It’s not the only commemoration of its kind nobody cares about anymore.

How about the 4th of July? Even the French have the good sense to treat their equivalent, Bastille Day, as a day worthy of commemoration from sea to shining sea. In these United States, college kids that ought to know better party their rear ends off thinking that on July 4, 1965 America declared her independence from Russia and then promptly acquired slaves and engaged in rabid hegemony around the globe. Some of those college kids have admitted in man-on-the-street interviews that they think slavery is still practiced in America – and these are college students!

It’s surprising May 8th isn’t celebrated each year with used car salesmen proclaiming low interest rates and incredible savings for “Jews! Jews! Jews!”, considering that’s the date the Allies attained victory over Nazi Germany.

So what about the commemorations we currently seem to value.

Earth Day for example, comes each year and is treated as an opportunity for humans to rekindle their relationship with Gaia**. Virtually every major media outlet covers it. Even when it isn’t Earth Day the media loves to insert a Gaia piece here and there into standard story rotation.

May Day is increasingly celebrated by Americans as some wonderful worker’s holiday. Never mind that in its modern form, May Day traces roots to the Communists and Socialists of the late 1800s, and the Stalinism and Maoism that followed.

How about 4/20 day? Never heard of it? That’s a big day for pot smokers. Four twenty – or foe twennie for those that want to reach the epicenter of their inner hipster – is a social codeword for smoking pot. Thus, on April 20th pot smokers gather and do the same thing pot smokers do every other day of the year. They just make a big deal out of it on April 20th.

In some cities, Harvey Milk Day is celebrated on May 22***. Chances are, various and sundry anniversaries such as Tupac’s birth or death and anything Kardashian related – ideally the date her en masse rear end was first featured on a magazine cover – are celebrated en masse somewhere.

Oh, and never ever not once ever even think about questioning the Muslim observances. In sharp contrast to Judeo-Christian holiday observances, if you wanted to erect an Eid al-Fitr**** tent in a public place in your hometown the atheist extortionists* wouldn’t mind one bit.

Miracle Mattress sure, they were extraordinarily tasteless in their Twin Towers promotion. Maybe even a wee bit stupid. Bookmark this article though and cue a reminder to revisit it a decade from now – at the rate we’re going chances are we’ll be treating 9/11 the way the left says it was: a blow against imperialism by the oppressed brown people of the world.

Yes, we’re that far gone folks.

* Their typical method of operation involves identifying a small town with a Christmas display that can’t possibly afford protracted litigation. They then write letters pretending to be some unnamed member of the local community that’s offended by the display. The offer is simple: Take down the display or see the municipal coffers drained in the courts. Sadly, most small town governments capitulate because they lack the resources required to call such a bluff in court.

** The next big thing coming after LGBTQ is ecosexualism. Yes. Ecosexualism. In which adults profess their intimate relationship with planet Earth. Yep. I need a beer.

*** Milk was a gay rights activist who was sadly assassinated.

**** My complaint isn’t against the feast itself. The foods presented during Eid al-Fitr celebrations are traditionally very good. I’d recommend anyone attend such a celebration.

photo credit: $19.99 mattress…no thanks via photopin (license); Cody Austin

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Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen (@aandrewallen) grew up in the American southeast and for more than two decades has worked as an information technoloigies professional in various locations around the globe. A former far-left activist, Allen became a conservative in the late 1990s following a lengthy period spent questioning his own worldview. When not working IT-related issues or traveling, Andrew Allen spends his time discovering new ways to bring the pain by exposing the idiocy of liberals and their ideology.

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