HILLARY CLINTON Puts Half of Trump Supporters Into One ‘Deplorable’ Basket

Written by ++++Allen on September 10, 2016

Hey, are you one of Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables?” Yep, this week Hillary is now attacking the Trump supporter, putting herself on course to sure annihilation becoming the most hated woman in America.

Speaking at a LJBT fundraiser in NYC, Hillary said, quote “to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

That we (Trump supporters) are “made up of racists, sexists, homophobics and islamophbics.” My spell check doesn’t like Hillary’s words either, I got red underlining all over her quote. And the other half, Hillary suggests that “if you know anyone voting Trump, “you should run an intervention” in order to rescue them.

Well let’s just breakdown this accusation of Hillary’s deplorables, shall we?

Racists: I take special offense against Hillary’s description of myself. This has been the Democrat Kryptonite for years, just mention racism and that will shut the mouths of their opposition, yep that’ll do it, the subject and speaker are silenced. Hey, Hillary, I will speak out against the Trayvon Martins and the Michael Browns who hold communities hostage and terrorize its streets. Call it racism, I call it truth.

Sexists: I’m not sure what she means by this…does Hill think that only men love Donald? Well, I’m surely not male and I love The Don.

So here is the official dictionary meaning of “sexist.” Adjective: Relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex…. Oh boo-hoo shut up.
Well, I might be guilty of this; I think Democrat women are stupid. Ever since I saw an interview of four blond, fortyish-age women who were interviewed and asked why they voted for Bill Clinton (this was obviously years ago.) Are you ready for their collective answer? They said they cast their votes for him based on his sexy butt. There you have it, the deep thinking and revealing reason on how and why Democratic females pick their candidate, I mean WTH?

Homophobics: This was obviously proved wrong when Pulse, a gay nightclub in Florida, was recently attacked, where dozens of gay men were murdered in an Islamic self-righteous attack. We all as Americans stood together, gay and straight. Yet most of us believe in traditional marriage, that does not make us hateful. You can legislate all you want; just because something is legal, does NOT make it moral. And believing in marriage only between a man-and-a-woman does not make someone homophobic. I hope the gay community will soon know that they are loved by the rest of America. Also that they will stop looking to the Democrat party for love and acceptance, all Hillary wants is your vote. This goes for the black communities too.

Islamophobics: Is Hillary stupid or what? I prefer to stand with Winston Churchill on this one, his famous quote, “Rabies in a dog is as dangerous as Islam in a man.” Well said, words from a man who knew what he was talking about. How quickly Hillary can forget 9-11 when it prospers her presidential campaign. She has lots of butts to kiss to get elected. Weekly there are more and more Islamic-attacks around the world. It isn’t Islamophobia when Muslims really are trying to kill you!

That basket of deplorables is chock full of a lot of good, decent, hardworking right-thinking Americans, who are not deplorable by any stretch of the imagination and are not worthy of your word attack. And, hey, Hillary, I hope your words will sink your campaign faster than the Titanic.

photo credit: Hillary Clinton via photopin (license)Gage Skidmore

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