ARRESTED: Cops Lay Charges For Charlotte RIOT MURDER … Can You GUESS What The EYEWITNESS Saw?

Published on September 23, 2016

That didn’t take long, the perp is in custody.

Small comfort, though, to the family of the guy he killed.

Black man with dreadlocks shoots someone dead at a ‘protest’.

If you REALLY care about lives — black or otherwise — maybe try not killing people to prove it. Is that too much to ask?

Here is the announcement of the arrest:

Rayquan Borum, 21, was charged Friday morning in shooting death of Justin Carr, who died a day after being shot during protests in Trade Street, Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney said.

Putney said surveillance footage supplied by buildings in the area helped identify the suspect. The shooting occurred Wednesday night, and Charlotte police initially said the man had died, although he survived on life support until Thursday. Witnesses gave conflicting accounts about who shot him, with some insisting they saw police gun him down with rubber bullets, while others said he was killed by a fellow protester.

“I am very pleased to see someone in custody”, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said Friday. I’m convinced… that no one in law enforcement was involved at all”

The incident came as police clashed with rioters on the second night of demonstrations in the wake of a police officer’s shooting of a black man. The night began with a prayer vigil but then erupted with violence and police firing tear gas at angry protesters. McCrory declared a state of emergency in the city.

“There are groups that are coming into our state that are here to cause anarchy” McCrory said. “We will not accept it. We will not tolerate it.”
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