Hillary’s Illness: Has Retired Surgeon Finally SOLVED The MYSTERY?

Published on September 23, 2016

He figures the clots, eye movements, and weird speech are all connected.

A retired Texas surgeon has written an article postulating that Hillary Clinton’s erratic eye movements during a Philadelphia speech are an indication she could be suffering from pressure on a nerve inside her skull – and that the condition is linked to a fall she suffered in 2012.

The ultimate effect of the fall, he writes, may have been constricted blood flow to the brain – which could explain both apparent erratic eye movements observed this week, and her collapse at New York’s 9/11 memorial earlier this month.

‘If, as is statistically likely, Clinton’s transverse sinus is still blocked, she would still have increased pressure and swelling and decreased blood flow to her brain,’ write Dr. John Coppedge in The Hill.

‘That swelling would place pressure on the exposed portion of the sixth cranial nerve at the base of her brain, explaining the apparent lateral rectus palsy,’ he writes.

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Is he right, or is this just a crackpot theory?

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