WHAT A BOOB: Sarah Silverman Says HILLARY Deserves ‘1000 Purple Hearts’ For THIS – Is She Drunk?

In a classic case of ‘better to be silent and thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt’ … we present to you: Sarah Silverman.

Somebody, PLEASE explain to Sarah what the Purple Heart is.

She could ask President sorry excuse of a Secretary of State John Kerry. He might be able to tell her a little about Purple Hearts. And injuries involving rice and buttocks. But that’s another story.

Poor, confused Sarah thinks:


Maybe it’s because everybody gets an award in her world. The cultural scourge of ‘participation trophies’.

It even landed Obama — the President with the longest ongoing war — starting his term in office with a Peace Prize.

That was before the drone strikes, and launching an attack on a country without the approval of Congress.

That’s the world Sarah comes from.

It’s not really surprising that she imagines “1000 Purple Hearts” as something that can be awarded for sending OTHER people into harm’s way.

Purple Hearts have INJURY as a condition, sweetie.

You’ve proven you’re WAY over your head in this conversation.

Now run along, and let the adults get back to talking. That’s a good girl.

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