GERMANY’S SCREWED: Look At What Angela Merkel NOW ‘Regrets’ – Send This To HILLARY Voters

Published on September 20, 2016

Do you really MEAN that, Angela? Or are you just afraid that you might be unemployable if you are voted out of office?

The German premier admitted she could have been better prepared for the influx of migrants last year.

She added if she knew how people wanted her to change her migrant policy she would consider it.

And she admitted Germany had not been “world champions” in integrating migrants in the past, saying it would take time to integrate them.

“I myself have also relied on the Dublin agreement for a long time, that, simply speaking, removed the problem from Germany.

“That was not good. And if I could I would turn back time for many, many years to be able to better prepare myself with the entire government and all those responsible for this situation that hit us when we were rather unprepared in the late summer of 2015.

“Since then we have tried with all our might to shape, organise and regulate and much has already been achieved with this, very much.

“Still, I am aware that many areas are still lacking.”…

…Commenting on a recent poll showing 82 percent of voters wanted a change in her migrant policy, she added: “If I knew what change in policy people wanted, I would be ready to consider it and to talk about it.”

“But the poll does not give any advice on that,” she added.

A backlash against her migrant policy has raised questions about whether Merkel, Europe’s most powerful leader, will stand for a fourth term next year. Given a dearth of options in her party, however, she is still the most likely candidate.
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What we DON’T read in those comments is that she would have REFUSED ENTRY to the million or so immigrants, we DON’T READ that they would have made temporary camps in the part of the world they came from where language, climate, and culture do not prove significant obstacles, we DON’T READ that any steps would be made to dissuade fake claimants from streaming into the continent.

Her only regret is that Germany didn’t absorb them well.

Which clearly means, she still doesn’t ‘Get’ it.

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