BOOM: Here Are 4 Questions To SMACK Hillary With At NEXT Debate

Published on September 29, 2016

Lester Holt ‘forgot’ a couple of questions for Hillary at that first Debate. These NEED to be asked at the next one. Check them out:

Here are the questions Lester Holt should have asked Hillary Clinton – and should be asked of her in the next debate:

1. Do you regret allowing the Clinton Foundation to accept funds from Islamic nations (such as Saudi Arabia) that subjugate women and do not tolerate, and in some cases murder, gays and lesbians? Why did the Foundation accept these funds from such questionable sources?

2. As four people died in Libya on your watch, in retrospect what would you have done differently to try to save them?

3. The FBI has indicated that they found thousands more of work-related e-mail messages than you submitted, even though you said under oath, you had submitted them all – why was there a discrepancy between the e-mail you submitted and the number the FBI eventually found?

4. The FBI found classified messages on your server that were marked as classified. Should any government official who cannot properly identify what is classified or not classified be allowed to maintain a security clearance?

Courtesy: Anthony Shaffer

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