DEAR CNN: Remember When YOU Ran Your OWN ‘Miss Piggy’ Hit Piece Back In ’97?

Strange that CNN is pimping the “Miss Piggy” story. Considering THEY said far worse things about her they Trump ever did. Let’s compare them!

We know CNN is totally in the can for Hillary, right? Is that even up for debate?

In case you were unconvinced, here is all you need to know about the ‘Miss Piggy’ story to make that clear.

First, we have the Trump interview (notice the CNN stamp) where Trump and Alicia meet with the press, and Trump speaks on her behalf, playing down the cause of her weight gain, being candid about the stress of the job and how different people respond to such stresses different ways — including eating — and being careful not to single her out — pointed out that many others in the room were above their ideal weight, himself included — and spoke with confidence about how the trainer was going to help her hit a target weight.

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Here’s that video:

Now compare that to what CNN correspondent Jeanne Moos (there’s irony in that name somewhere) said about her:

Did you catch that? One headline, and two separate ‘digs’ … all of which were (in today’s jargon) ‘fat-shaming’.

“Expanding” Miss Universe — ‘expanding’, universe. Oh look. A science-based insult! So ‘clever’.

‘Size of the universe’… ‘as her universe expanded, so did she’. That’s another one!

‘Went from 118 pounds to — well — a number that kept growing like the size of the fish that got away.’

For handy reference, here’s a photo of the woman who spoke so scathingly about Alicia’s weight gain:


Did you notice that the ONLY sympathetic thing said of Alicia in that whole article was said by Donald Trump himself?

Some people, when they have pressure, eat too much. Like me. Like Alicia.

But CNN won’t tell that story. It might hurt their precious Hillary.

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