BOOM: Mike Pence Just SLAMMED Hillary & ‘The Media’ With HILARIOUS Tweet!

Published on September 13, 2016

When giving BS excuses, make sure that the lie doesn’t hurt you more than the truth would. Hillary has not yet learned that lesson. Pence has stepped up to teach it to her.

On Sunday, when Hillary was fine, overheated, had pneumonia.

The ‘overheated’ report (since the official diagnosis was pneumonia) was clearly an ‘excuse’. Or ‘spin’. Or, said plainly a steaming pile of B.S.

Sometimes the best thing to do with a lie is to take it as true and show how that ‘excuse’ hurts the person hiding behind it.

That’s what Pence did.


Overheated, you say? On a demonstrably cool day?

Oh, you poor dear.

Perhaps retirement would suit her better than public service.

Or at least, America would be better served if she did so.

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