PNEUMONIA MY ASS: If It’s ‘Pneumonia’ Why Did Hillary Have THIS Test Before Collapsing

Published on September 13, 2016

If her official illness is breathing-related, why would she POSSIBLY need an assessment like the one we see here? Unless we’re being lied to. Again.

Despite her campaign claiming it was pneumonia that led to her ill health in New York on Sunday, Hillary Clinton was caught on camera receiving a neurological test from someone who appeared to be a nurse.

The image shows Hillary grasping the woman’s fingers with her fist, which is a classic motor neuron test to determine abnormalities in the nervous system.

What does such a test look like?

Examine the patient’s hands. Look for intrinsic hand, thenar and hypothenar muscle wasting.

Test the patient’s grip by having the patient hold the examiner’s fingers in their fist tightly and instructing them not to let go while the examiner attempts to remove them. Normally the examiner cannot remove their fingers. This tests the forearm flexors and the intrinsic hand muscles. Compare the hands for strength asymmetry. The Precise Neurological Exam

One medical expert was saying that the symptoms we saw do not correspond to the official story we heard. But there are two OTHER conditions that would match that description.

This short clip has it in his own words:

He also points out why pneumonia could not POSSIBLY have been made as a firm diagnosis at home.

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