BREAKING: Hillary Holds ‘Press Conference’ on NY Bombing – Look WHO She Blames!

Published on September 19, 2016

Considering who she and Obama blamed Benghazi on, is this really a shocker? And she CLAIMS to have the JUDGEMENT to lead the nation? Yikes!

What do you do when you’re trailing in the polls?

If you’re a Clinton, you LIE! Watch her try to blame TRUMP for the bombings in NJ and NY.


Maybe she’s hoping we’ve forgotten the Wikileaks story about Hillary SELLING WEAPONS TO ISIS.

Or the FOIA release that showed Hillary and Obama knew they would create ISIS?

What’s next? Will Hillary tell the victims of the 9/11 that ‘they deserved it?’

Well, probably… if she thought that would get her enough votes to win.

Share if this – BY ITSELF should be enough to DISQUALIFY her from having ‘Presidential TEMPERAMENT’.