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BREAKING: Hillary Makes GROSS Grab To Shut Down Gun Dealers – 2nd Amendment Under Attack

The crazy part is, one little questionnaire was all it took to tip her hand…

In response to a questionnaire given to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Hillary Clinton referenced a Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco and Firearm statistic that says many gun dealers do not follow federal gun laws but few have their licenses revoked.

“New York has no control over another state’s gun laws, so it has to depend on the federal government to enforce federal firearms laws against irresponsible gun dealers across the country. It’s important to note that the vast majority of gun owners and gun dealers are responsible,” Clinton stated.

“But a few bad actors are responsible for supplying the vast majority guns used in crimes — and we need to shut them down,” Clinton continued. “Indeed, nearly 90 percent of guns recovered on crime scenes in America come from just 5 percent of gun dealers in America. We know who these bad actors are. But we rarely revoke a gun dealer’s license, even if they break the law.”

She added, “According to recent statistics, the ATF found that about one in three gun dealers were not compliant with federal gun laws. Yet, less than 1 percent of these stores had their licenses revoked. We need federal action on guns, and shutting down the major suppliers of illegal guns will be one of my priorities as president.”

What are the heinous crimes these ‘bad actors’ are guilty of? Paperwork errors. The woman who wants to crack down on ‘irresponsible’ gun dealers for THEIR paperwork was ‘extremely careless’ with her own. Larry Keane, of the Shooting Sports Foundation, helps us understand a little more about what she wants to crack down on.

“One issue we see often is that the same mistake on a form repeated each time, like ‘Y’ instead of ‘Yes’ or an abbreviation of a county, gets misrepresented as ‘hundreds of violations’ by anti-gun interest groups. ATF says they have to note each one of the violations. So the ‘number of violations’ a dealer might have can be very misleading.”

This is a blatant attack on the Second Amendment over paperwork errors that have little to do with keeping Americans safe — in fact, taking these guns from law-abiding citizens who simply made a mistake navigating the paperwork of our already bloated federal bureaucracy will make us all less safe. Conservative Tribune

Hillary thinks someone ELSE should pay a price for paperwork errors, but she can obstruct justice without any consequences.

Share if you think Hillary — NOT law-abiding gun owners — needs to be ‘shut down’ for her ‘paperwork issues’.

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