UNASHAMED AMERICAN: Patriotic NFL Coach Gives Team A BIG Lesson on Being A PROUD American

Published on September 1, 2016

Where would Kaepernick be today if he’d had a coach like THIS? Probably not being mocked for his flag flap.

There are some people who still think America and her flag are worth celebrating. This guy for example:

Jeff Fisher, head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, who recently took the opportunity of a preseason team meeting to address the significance of the American flag and national anthem while driving home to his players the importance of showing respect for them.

Fisher began by explaining to the rookies and new team members how the organization handles the pre-game ritual, how and where they should stand and other things of that nature, running a brief film clip of the team standing for the anthem as a visual example.
Conservative Tribune

Watch Jeff Fisher make his point clear:

That’s a Touchdown, Coach Fisher!

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