BREAKING: Look At The MASSIVE Scar A Muslim Cut In Hero Cop’s FACE!

Published on September 17, 2016

What’s a bad day at the office look like for you? Probably not ‘cleaver to the face’?

This guy’s did, and he’s STILL cracking jokes!

Did nobody tell the thug that police are not ‘Halal’?

How tough is that cop? This tough:

The New York City police officer who was hacked with a meat cleaver by a disgruntled homeless person insisted today: ‘I was just doing my job.’
He added: ‘I saw what was happening and I had to help my fellow officers and protect the public.
‘That is what I am paid to do.’


Here’s what his brother said:

‘My brother is a great guy and loves his job. He has been an officer for 19 years and worked through 9/11 which was one of his toughest days.

‘I was talking to him about his bravery and he said he was doing his job.

‘But he did say that maybe the police would now give him a week of sick days.

‘He said: “Maybe I get to come and visit you for a week in Vegas now.”‘

John added: ‘I am very proud of him and that is typical of him to put others first.

‘He loves his job even though it can be very dangerous as has been shown by this.

‘He is a great guy and he will do his best to get back to work as soon as is possible.

‘Its great that America has police officers like him. ‘

Daily Mail

Here’s the video:

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